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Coastline - Exhibition

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NCAD Photography and Digital Imaging Certificate
Graduate Exhibition 2010

I will present 6 pieces from the 'Coastline' series.
It is an ongoing project comparing different types of coastline in different countries/cities, started with Dublin coast. It concentrates on the thin line dividing the land and the sea, which is interesting not only as a space where open and natural meets terrestrial, often transformed, sheltered space, but also as a landscape expressing the main issues of human activity. Coastlines show the world's global trends by representing the constantly changing relations of humans to the sea. The series signals these changes through the obsolescent, in the era of the airplane, view from the sea towards the land. Different types of Dublin coastline touch on issues of recent demographic trends, mechanisation and movements of ports, revitalisation of waterfronts, recreational aspects of the coast, and ecological matters.

The Exhibition is part of PHOTOIRELAND FESTIVAL 2010

More photos from the exhibition you can find here:

2nd - 4th July
The Design Building
National College of Art and Design
100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8

Everybody is welcome (admission free)